Oscar Piccolo on the intriguing objects in his home in Hackney Wick
“There are a lot of objects in this space and none of them really have their desired function,” says Oscar Piccolo, showing us around the east London flat he shares with his Welsh terrier, Pluto. The Sicilian art director and maker – perhaps best known for his wavy ‘Lampada Cappello’ lamp – has a penchant for peculiar pieces that he finds anywhere and everywhere. His shelves and surfaces, for instance, are stacked with bits of wood he’s picked up in the park, a miniature metal bull and an Inspector Montalbano book gifted by his “nonna”. Each item has a story to tell – and in this film, he gives us the low-down on seven of his favourites.
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My Modern House

Jewellery designer Anna Jewsbury on turning a former pub into a treasured family home in Marylebone

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A Day Well Spent

A Day Well Spent with Andu Masebo

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The Modern Menu

Suea is the cook and creative playing with her food in Brooklyn, New York

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Residents' Guides

How Cobbie Yates and Joseph Hyland maximised space in their compact Deptford apartment
“I used to be able to see my classroom from my bedroom window,” smiles Cobbie Yates. “I’d wish that I had a slide so I could zip straight across.” For many of us, our childhood homes bear the hallmarks of our past. But not for Cobbie. When the costume designer was presented with the rare opportunity to buy the modest flat he grew up in from his mother, he accepted the offer and overhauled the interiors, adding space-saving storage systems and creating a scheme that he and his partner, textile buyer Joseph Hyland, can call their own.
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The Classics

A fresh take on Home Farm, John Pawson’s country house in the Cotswolds

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